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   HVAC-Calc II Handheld Computer - Residential Heat Loss and Gain
    It is quite likely that you have already used some of our software!  
    1981 Carrier Corporation purchases Don Sleeth's Residential Energy Analysis program. It ran on Radio Shack computers. IBM was not yet in the Personal Computer market!  
    1982 Don Sleeth, having been an HVAC Contractor for 12 years, leaves to devote his full attention to his new company HVAC Computer Systems Ltd.. The success of his computer programs is a direct result of his complete knowledge of what a contractor is and needs. He is a Contractor first, programmer second.  
    1982 York Canada introduces the York SmartChart. This handheld Computer/Printer becomes the hit of the spring marketing tour.  
    1983 York Borg-Warner introduces the York SmartChart throughout the U.S. and adds a Manual J sixth edition Residential Load Calculation program. These programs, written by Don Sleeth president of HVAC Computer Systems Ltd. set the standard for ease of use.  
    1984 Rheem and Ruud contract with HVAC Computer Systems to offer a customized version to their dealers through a volume awards program. Demand is so strong that the programs are soon offered for direct purchase through their extensive distributor network. The system is sold under Rheem The Master and RUUD The Facts trade names.  
    1985 HVAC-Calc version 1 is offered directly to contractors by HVAC Computer Systems Ltd.  
    1987 Lennox Industries Inc. contracts with HVAC Computer to develop a second generation of computer programs for the handheld system. They are marketed as the Lennox Logic Jr II.  
    1989 Armstrong Air Conditioning Inc introduces the Armstrong Analyzer, again a customized version of Don's easy to use computer programs for HVAC Contractors.  
    1990 HVAC-Calc version 2 is offered directly to contractors by HVAC Computer Systems Ltd.  
    1997 HVAC-Calc version 3, operating on the Win95 or Windows NT Platform is introduced. Building on 28 years of HVAC experience, this easy to use Residential Load program again sets the standard for Ease of Use and Speed.  
    1998 HVAC-Calc Commercial 4.0 is introduced, bringing the same "Contractor Friendly" theme to the commercial load field. Both programs are built to be compatible with all Microsoft Windows systems including the proposed 32 bit operating systems of the future.  
    2000 HVAC-Calc Residential 4.0 is introduced. This version adds the ability to copy jobs from one computer to another and represents a solid platform upon which we can add new features as time goes on.  
    2000 Don recognizes the need for HVAC contractors to have a place to get together in Cyberspace and learn and help each other. He starts an online community, HVAC-Talk.  
    2001 With the growing popularity of the Internet, more and more Home Owners are downloading HVAC-Calc Residential 4.0 and are asking for a less expensive "Home Owner" license. With the ease of use of this program and the clear instruction manual that is included, home owners want to calculate their own loads. HVAC Computer Systems introduces a $49 two month license for non-profit use by individuals to do their own homes.  
    2001 to 2007 In keeping with Don's roots in the HVAC business and the "Contractor Friendly" code we follow, over 80 updates and additions to the programs have been made, all available for free to our customers.  
    2007 More free updates to add requested features and to ensure program compatibility with the new Microsoft Vista operating system.  

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